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Shiatsu massage conducted on traditional futon


Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese massage therapy, where techniques such as acupressure, massage and stretching is applied to the whole body. This style of treatment works on the meridians (energy pathways) that are found all over the body and while focusing on balancing out the energy of the whole body, will also treat the symptoms as well.


Shiatsu is traditionally conducted on a futon and patients can remain clothed ensuring clothes are loose and comfortable. Patients will experience a treatment that can vary between gentle, medium and deep pressure but will experience sensations of great release at the same time.


Shiatsu is also used for pregnancy massage, which can be used right through the whole term. Women find it very nurturing and relieving as lying in this position is very comfortable and we can reach all the areas that tend to ache and tighten.

Its also very effective in the last week before due to date to include acupuncture for those women who are interested in natural inducing methods. For more information on pregnancy massage you are welcome to give me a call to discuss in detail. Its one of my favourite treatments to do.


Acupressure Massage


The style of acupuressure massage that I have learnt is very unique and I have been doing it for over 21 years and it can also include cupping and gentle fascia releasing techniques. There can also be stretching involved and if the body needs there can be gentle techniques such as craniosacral then I will listen to what the body needs and apply accordingly.

Acupressure is another form of massage similar to the western style of trigger point therapy, except the points used are Acupuncture points. The difference between using acupuncture points as opposed to trigger points is that the patient will experience a much different sensation and the points can also be used instead of needles to treat certain conditions.

The pressure on acupuncture points is aimed at releasing the stagnate energy sitting in the meridians (fascia layer) or muscles often experienced by people as knots or areas of tension. Acupressure is a deeper style of treatment but with an experienced practitioner the pressure can be carefully applied and varied depending on the persons pain threshold, making it a very relieving and effective style of treatment leaving you feeling the results straight away.

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